Unlimited Cloaked Affiliate Links

Unlimited Cloaked Affiliate Links Interface

Unlimited Cloaked Affiliate Links

WP Affiliate Linker allows you to create as many clean, short cloaked affiliate links as you need.

Instead of linking your content to long, ugly, obvious affiliate links, WP Affiliate Linker allows you to define your affiliate links with a ‘cloak’ – a pretty, better looking URL that has your domain name in it.

For example, if we had this affiliate link: https://somesite1234.com/?affid=12345&source=987, we can cloak this link using WP Affiliate Linker: https://wpaffiliatelinker.com/go/somesite

When the visitor clicks on our cloaked link, they’ll be taken to the true destination (in this case, https://somesite1234.com/?affid=12345&source=987).

Unlimited Cloaked Affiliate Links: UI

Easy to Use Interface

All cloaked affiliate links are managed through the standard WordPress Administration interface.  If you can create Pages or Posts, you can create Affiliate Links without any technical knowledge.

Whether you’re tweaking Plugin settings or setting up a cloaked link, WP Affiliate Linker provides a clear, contextual Documentation tab based on what you’re doing.  Clicking this will take you to the exact help you need, in case you get stuck.

Start Managing your Affiliate Links

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