Import Links from other Plugins

Features: Import Links from other Plugins

Easily Import Links from other Plugins

WP Affiliate Linker can automatically detect if you have existing affiliate links that have been setup using ThirstyAffiliates, Pretty Link or Easy Affiliate Links.

These links can be imported into WP Affiliate Linker in three mouse clicks.  Simply click the Import & Export menu, click the tab for the third party Plugin you previously used, and then click Import.

That’s it.

Features: Export Links

Export WP Affiliate Links

Unlike other WordPress Affiliate Link Plugins, WP Affiliate Linker doesn’t hold your links to ransom and require an expensive license to simply export them for use with other systems or another WP Affiliate Linker installation.

Because our affiliate links are stored as a custom WordPress Post Type, you can easily export them using either WP Affiliate Linker’s Export functionality (to a JSON file), or WordPress’ built in export functionality (to an XML file).

You can import your WP Affiliate Link export file on any other WordPress web site – ideal if you’ve built a standard database of links and want to quickly set them up on a new WordPress web site.

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