Statistics Addon

Features: Statistics: Track

Track Views and Clicks for your Affiliate Links

The Statistics Addon tracks the number of times your cloaked Affiliate Links have been viewed within your WordPress content.  It also tracks the number of clicks / visits, and calculates the CTR.

Crawlers and bots are automatically excluded, ensuring all statistics are as accurate as possible.

Features: Statistics: Report

Powerful Reporting

The Statistics Addon provides both a detailed chart and table of daily / monthly views and clicks across your Affiliate Links.

Reports can be generated with specific start and end dates, and optionally for a specific Link Category.

At Affiliate Link level, the same data is available – perfect for analysing how well a specific affiliate link performs.

Blazingly Fast Redirections

Built with Performance in Mind

As with all WP Affiliate Linker Addons, the Statistics Addon is built with performance in mind.

Data is stored in two small MySQL database tables, which are optimised and indexed to ensure that high traffic sites can still get the reports they need quickly.

Start tracking the performance of your Affiliate Links

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