Google Analytics Addon

Features: Google Analytics: Send Events

Send Affiliate Link Click Events to Google Analytics

For Google Analytics users, the WP Affiliate Linker Google Analytics Addon adds Google Event Tracking to all cloaked Affiliate Links when clicked by your visitors.

No existing links need to be edited, and no code is added to your future cloaked Affiliate Links.  Our Google Analytics Addon detects all click events on all cloaked Affiliate Links, regardless of how they are added to your content.

Features: Google Analytics: Customize Event Data

Customize Event Data

The Google Analytics Addon allows you to define the Google Analytics Event Category and Action when a visitor clicks a cloaked Affiliate Link.

This is useful if you track multiple, different events on your WordPress web site, and want to clearly distinguish affiliate link click events.

Features: Google Analytics: GA Integration

Works with existing Google Analytics Tracking

If your WordPress web site already has Google Analytics installed (i.e. through your WordPress Theme or third party Plugin), WP Affiliate Linker’s Google Analytics Addon will detect this and automatically work with your existing code.  No need for duplicate GA trackers and performance issues!

If you don’t yet have Google Analytics tracking enabled on your WordPress web site, just enter the UA Code for your Google Analytics property in the Plugin settings.  The Google Analytics Addon will then also track pageviews, as well as events.

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