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Redirect Visitors to Country-specific Affiliate Links

For each cloaked affiliate link, the Geotargeting Addon allows you to define different destination Affiliate Links depending on your visitor’s country.

This ensures the best possible conversion rate by serving accurate, country-specific affiliate links for the product or service you’re advertising.

If a visitor’s country doesn’t have a country-specific affiliate link, no problem – they’ll be taken to the default affiliate link defined, ensuring no potential loss of affiliate commissions.

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Powerful, Simple Geolocation Detection

The Geotargeting Addon uses MaxMind’s GeoIP2 Lite database, which is one of the most accurate free geolocation databases on the market.  Visitors can be detected as being in one of 246 countries, with high accuracy.

The database is automatically kept updated and installed on your WordPress installation – no need to purchase a database, credits, install databases or .bin files.  It just works out of the box.

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