Autolinker Addon

Features: Autolinker: Keywords

Automatically Link Keywords

For each cloaked affiliate link, the Autolinker Addon allows you to define the keyword(s) which should be linked.

It will then automatically search for your keywords across your WordPress Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types, replacing them with linked versions.

This means you don’t need to manually link content to your cloaked affiliate links.  You, and your team, can focus on creating great content, whilst ensuring the maximum possible affiliate income.

Features: Autolinker: Placement

Link keywords intelligently

The Autolinker Addon provides site wide and link-specific options to determine in what order keywords should be linked in your content – whether that’s from top to bottom, bottom to top or randomly within your content.

This ensures you have multiple strategies available to best fit your needs.  For example, if you’re writing long review posts, you might want to link the last keywords to your cloaked affiliate links to maximise conversions.

Autolinker doesn’t force a keyword linking method on you – it’s free for you to choose.


Features: Autolinker: Limit

Smart Limits

You don’t want your content to be spammy and full of affiliate links.  The Autolinker Addon provides both site wide and link-specific settings to limit how many times each keyword is automatically linked in your WordPress content.

Blazingly Fast Redirections

Powerful Performance

Most Autolinking solutions dynamically link keywords in your content at the point it is displayed to each of your visitors.  For larger sites, with lots of keywords, cloaked affiliate links and traffic, this impacts on page load times, which is a factor in SERP rankings.  We don’t need to explain how this then affects your conversion rate and affiliate commissions.

Our Autolinker Addon uses intelligent caching, storing a copy of your dynamically linked keyword content.  This is displayed to the visitor, with no impact on load times.  Best of all, the Autolinker Addon will rebuild this content each time it detects a change to the content or your cloaked affiliate links keywords.

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